Makita Chainsaw 29”/36” - PS9010/90 DCS9010/74

The Chainsaw 29”/36” from Makita is a power chainsaw that is ideal for tough applications like cutting trees, wood and clearing the land. It has a 90cc engine, with power of 4.9kW and bar of length 740mm.

  • Maximum engine speed 13,500 rpms
  • Easy start/Decompression valve
  • Outstanding engine power of 4.9kW
  • Double air filtration system
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The Chainsaw 29”/36” from Makita with model number PS9010/90 DCS9010/74 is a saw designed for demanding conditions requiring high efficiency and performance.

It is equipped with a 90cc engine that has power output of as much as 4.9kW and is able to achieve maximum engine speed of 13,500 rpms. It comes with an adjustable oil pump that enables easy setting of chain lubrication as per the requirement.

The double air filtration system decreases maintenance cost and increases the life of the chainsaw. It is easy to start as decompression valve releases some of the compression from the combustion chamber during the starting procedure. It is ideal for cutting wood, trees and clearing the land.

Brand Name Makita Fuel tank capacity 1 liter
Product Name Chainsaw 29'/36' Oil tank capacity 400 ml
Model Number PS9010/90 DCS9010/74 Sound pressure level 111db
Weight 8.2kg
Guide bar length 740mm
Power 4.9kW
Engine displacement 90 cc
Warranty Summary 6 months warranty
Warranty Service Type
Covered in Warranty
Not Covered in Warranty
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