Evika Knapsack Auto Sprayer 16 Ltrs (Battery Operated) – DJ160

The Evika Knapsack Auto Sprayer 16 LTRS (Battery Operated) from Evika is among the best choices of garden watering products. These sprayers come with padded and adjustable straps and an extra strap for the waist. These secure the sprayer firmly and keep it stable.

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Comfortable and durable handle
  • Fiberglass lance with adjustable nozzles
  • Battery indicator
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The Evika Knapsack Auto Sprayer 16 LTRS (Battery Operated) from Evika with model number DJ160 is a great garden watering product.

It has a comfortable and durable handle for greater convenience of use. Moreover, it has fiberglass lance with adjustable set of nozzles.

This knapsack auto sprayer has a padded and adjustable strap, so one can carry it around comfortably. There’s an extra strap for around the waist, which makes it more stable while using.

This Evika Knapsack Auto Sprayer comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, which has good safety and discharge performance. It has a battery indicator for added convenience. And, now you can purchase it easily right here.

Brand Name Evika Capacity 16L
Product Name Knapsack Auto Sprayer 16 LTRS (Battery Operated) Net Working Capacity 210min
Model Number DJ160 Flow Rate 0.815L/min
Width 250mm Spray Distance >5m
Height 355mm Battery 10.8V
Depth 520mm
Weight 3010g
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