Ox Extension Ladder 14-23ft - #OXEL13

The Extension Ladder 14-23 feet from OX is ideal for commercial use. It has large, comfortable steps going right to the top. It offers splayed foot for increased stability and avoiding workplace accidents. Automatic full width height lock and 13 extensions make it highly convenient.

  • Large comfortable steps
  • Splayed foot for stability
  • Single, one hand rope with 3 pulleys
  • Rope mounted on inside face of stile
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The Extension Ladder 14-23 feet from OX with model number #OXEL13 is an ideal choice for commercial use. This is very useful in the workplace, mainly because it promotes safety, while ensuring the work gets done efficiently.

This extension ladder comes equipped with an automatic full width height lock which makes it safer to use. It has an optional adjustable levelling foot to promote fast and easy use for slopes and stairs. Its 13-step extension makes it optimal to carry out a wide range of tasks with ease.

Its side mounted rope prevents tripping and risk of injuries. Triple pulley makes this ladder easier to lift. Auto engaging height lock ensures safety and reliability. The shape of the steps ensures that the user is comfortable while accomplish the task.

Brand Name OX
Product Name Extension Ladder 14-23 Feet
Model Number #OXEL13
Weight 18.5 kg
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