Marvy Garden Hose Reel 1/2" X 30mtr – HGW-C07S30

The Garden Hose Reel ½” X 30MTR from Marvy is a hose reel that makes the workplace more organized and efficient. It is easy to assemble and coils up to 30 meters of hose with half inch of thickness. It is ideal for use in the garden.

  • Easy reeling action
  • Easy to assemble
  • Coils 30m of hose, ½ inch thickness
  • Increases productivity
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The Garden Hose Reel ½” X 30MTR from Marvy with model number HGW-C07S30 is a hose reel that makes the workplace look far more organized and increases efficiency. It can coil a hose of up to 30 meters in length with half an inch of thickness.

This garden hose reel can easily coil up the hose, with its easy reeling action. It offers several advantages. It ensures safety by avoiding the danger of injuries due to trips and falls because of a long hose lying on the ground. The reel also elongates the service life of the hose. It saves time as one does not need to disentangle or move around a hose manually.

One can extracted the desired length of the hose and then wind it up automatically once the task is accomplished. It saves time and reduces hassles, thereby increase productivity and efficiency.

Brand Name MARVY
Product Name GARDEN HOSE REEL 1/2' X 30MTR
Model Number HGW-C07S30
Width 430 mm
Height 455 mm
Depth 430 mm
Weight 11.4 kg
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