Gripset Latex Additive 5Ltr #11Y

The Latex Additive 5ltr from Gripset is a popular sealant and filler that strengthens the durability of cement-based compounds.

  • Non-toxic, free of dangerous odours
  • Super concentrated
  • Versatile
  • Economical
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The Latex Additive 5ltr from Gripset, with model number 11Y, is a high performance, solvent-free latex sealant and filler additive that makes up to 9 times the volume of the mixing liquid. It is non-toxic and free of dangerous odours, and increases the durability, flexural strength and abrasion resistance of the surface it is used on.
This high-performance latex additive has been specifically formulated to enhance the durability and performance of cement-based compounds. It also enhances gas permeability and water resistance, with its waterproofing properties.
Use this product on for primer & sealing slurries, waterproof renders, screeds and toppings, as well as for mortar repair. It can be used on concrete, masonry, cement sheeting, plaster board, general wet area linings, asphalt and bitumen surfaces.

Brand Name Gripset
Product Name Latex Additive 5ltr
Model Number 11Y
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