PVC Walkmaker European Mould

Every home owners dream is to have a beautiful front yard, with blossoming garden and well made patio. The Org walkmaker european mould is a stone piece mould that holds everything together thus giving a more streamlined design.

• Material: PP Resin

• Color: Black

• Dimension: 2ft x 2ft

• Strong and durable

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The european walkmaker mould is a more streamlined design compared to its counterparts. The european walk maker mould is a square type of design made up of reusable plastic mold.  The DIY inative comes in when using this, one does not have to do a lot when using this piece. The material is an ideal piece for designing driveways, balconies and even for wall designing.

Brand Name: Org

Product Name: Walkmaker European Mould

Material: Plastic