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Beko Condenser Dryer 8kg, Sensor Control White

by Beko
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MPN: DS 8133 G

  • FlexySense technology, This dryer uses Flexysense technology to detect the dryness level of your load and automatically stops once the desired level is reached. This prevents over-drying and protects your clothes from excess heat and damage.
  • Automatic anti-creasing function, The anti-crease function activates after the drying cycle, using gentle drum action to prevent wrinkles and separates garments for easy sorting.,
  • Aquawave design, This drum, paddle, and door design of this dryer ensures your garments are effectively but gently dried to prevent your clothes from wear and tear.

Unlike vented dryers, condenser dryers don’t expel moist air into your laundry room so you won’t have to worry about mugginess. This dryer extracts moisture from your clothes and then collected in a water tank, or directly drained with a hose. This intelligent dryer has a smart sensor to detect when the optimal dryness level has been reached and stops automatically, so you can simply set and forget. With 15 drying programs to choose from, there’s an option for a wide variety of fabrics, garments, and laundry types - from baby clothes to sportswear.