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Iccons 754 Gypboard Screw Needle Bugle 10G x 16mm (1000pk)

by Iccons

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Screw features a needle point design, allowing for effortless penetration into gypsum boards. This design ensures quick and easy installation without the need for pre-drilling.

With a diameter of 10G (approximately 3.9 mm) and a length of 16mm, the screw is specifically designed for gypsum board installations.

Iccons 754 Gypboard Screw is designed for a wide range of gypsum board applications, suitable for residential and commercial projects, including drywall construction, renovation, and more.

Screw is equipped with a bugle head design that enables a flush and neat finish when fastened; low-profile head minimizes surface damage and allows for easy concealment in countersunk applications.

Efficiency Redefined: Iccons 754 Gypboard Screw Needle Bugle 10G x 16mm - The Perfect Choice for Swift and Precise Gypsum Board Installations!





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