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Ono-San Control Release Fertilizer for Flowering 1kg

by Ono-San
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    Ono-San® FOR FLOWERING is specially designed for plants to boost the growth of flowers. Flowers like Hibiscus (Bunga Raya), Bougainvillea (Bunga Kertas) and Ixora (Bunga Jejarum) are commonly found in Malaysia. Normally these types of plants require a lot of sunlight (depending on variety). The dosage required starts from 1 nugget every 3 months, if the diameter of the pot is more than 5-inches. Do not over dose your plants as there is a n optimum level of nutrients for each plant. Trimming the plants is recommended. Ono-San® FOR FLOWERING can also be used for water lilies or lotus flowers. Two nuggets are to be inserted into the soil every month while we also suggest that you change the water every month and to breed some guppy fish in the pots. It is not recommended to use Ono-San® on orchids.

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