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Vinod Patel & Company Pte Ltd (VPCL) provides assurance on items sold against fault, poor workmanship and defective parts. VPCL at its own discretion shall repair products to its normal operating condition or replace any defective products at no cost to the customer where the product is within the warranty period and where none of the below exclusions apply. The invoice must accompany any product that requires a warranty claim. The cost of repair will be chargeable to the customer if the product falls outside the warranty terms and conditions and or the warranty period.
• Physical damage to the product or consumables/parts of limited regular functionality due to their natural wear and tear.
• Problems or defects (including but not limited to mechanical or electrical) resulting from incorrect installation (or site conditions not in line with installation guidelines), configuration, usage or other activities inconsistent with the operation manual or contradictory to technical specifications attached to the product
• Using incorrect batteries, charges, accessories, or any unauthorised, non-genuine or non-standard parts
• Animal or insect infestation or intrusions including but not limited to ants, lizards, bed bugs or any other vermin
• Faults in any external wiring, electrical connection or plumbing which is not part of the product itself
• Failure of customer/authorised agent to perform routine maintenance, servicing, cleaning (including use of inappropriate chemical) or adjustments
• Damages caused by neglect, misuse, accident, actual or attempted theft, rust, corrosion, sand, liquid damage, battery leakage, fire, fuel contamination, acts of God, power outages or surges, inadequate or improper voltage or current whether from Utility Supply or back-up sources
• Repairing, servicing or reinstallation of a product by a repairer/installer not authorised by VPCL and/or repairing, servicing or reinstalling an item without the knowledge of VPCL
• Costs associated with the repairer inspecting the product if no product fault is found
• Replacement of any accessories or consumables (plastic and rubber parts)
• Normal wear and tear
• Operating systems or software issues of any kind. This includes (but is not limited to) damage caused by viruses, malware, user’s failure to perform software upgrades or maintenance. VPCL shall not accept responsibility for loss of data (including during repairs)
• Swapping or removal of any internal components, warranty stickers, factory seals, model and serial numbers
• Once the product is in customer’s possession, any damage occurring during transport, handling or installation or while moving the product; whether under order of customer or not
• Loss of resilience or shape of furniture interior fillings, fading or colour loss
• Consequential losses of any type including but not limited to any loss of profits, revenue, data, goodwill or reputation, personal injury or impairment to other goods.

Consultation fees: VPCL reserves the right to charge a consultation fee to inspect products under warranty if there is uncertainty of one or more of the above exclusions. This fee is fully refundable where the warranty conditions are met. The fee is added to the chargeable cost of repair in the event of the breach of warranty conditions.

Back to Base: This warranty is back-to-base warranty except where goods are too large to be transported easily or installed. Some products may have back-to-supplier-base warranties.

Manufacturer’s Guarantees & Warranties: The VPCL warranty supersedes and shall not be read in conjunction with any other warranty offered by the manufacturer (whether stated or implied).

Extended Warranty: Please refer to your Extended Warranty Contract.

Commercial Use: Unless explicitly stated, the products sold by VPCL are designed for domestic usage and the VPCL warranty shall be deemed null and void where evidence of commercial usage is discovered by VPCL.

Note: Not all our products are covered under warranty. Please enquire with our Sales team for clarification on individual products.

In the event of an act of God (including epidemic and pandemic) which may prohibit VPCL from delivering works related to the product covered under warranty, the customer agrees that such products will be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

To register a complaint: You may contact us via telephone call on +679 3393111/5888 or email