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Caroma Cosmo Toilet Roll Holder

by Caroma
Original price $48.00 - Original price $48.00
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$48.00 - $48.00
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SKU 40501009

  • Smooth clean lines
  • Metal construction
  • Suitable for all plastered and tiled bathrooms
  • Polished chrome finish

The Cosmo Toilet Roll Holder from Caroma with model number 303128C has a metal body. This is the most efficient feature of this product as it provides high durability against rust.Its smooth clean lines and stylish design are not less than any modernist sculpture. It creates a perfect balance of form and function in a most effortless way. It can maintain hygiene in a stylish and unique way.It is suitable to be installed in all plastered and tiled bathrooms and kitchens. Its installation and use are very user-friendly. Moreover, its polished chrome finish can be the highlight of an elegant and elite household. It is designed to suit the Cosmo range of basins and toilet suites.Now you can purchase the Caroma Cosmo Toilet Roll Holder right here with great convenience. The Cosmo Toilet Roll Holder from Caroma is a modern-day bathroom accessory. Its stylish design with smooth clean lines suits all modern bathrooms and kitchens. Its metal construction provides higher durability.

Warranty Details

Period 10 years
Components Full Body
Notes Excludes Wear & Tear, Colour Fade With Chemical Usage Or Physical Damage
Terms Replacement Of Product